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The research projects of the IEE correspond to the teaching areas, this ensures up-to-date teaching in the offered subjects. The research is organized in three working groups:

  • Power mechatronics / drives
    The power mechatronics working group deals with the interaction of the classic engineering sciences, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology.
    Leader: Dr.-Ing. Dirk Turschner
  • Decentralized energy systemsDecentralised energy systems
    The decentralized energy systems working group deals with the future requirements for electrical energy distribution networks and the resulting potential.
    Leader: Dr.-Ing. Ernst-August Wehrmann
  • Electrical energy storage systems
    The storage systems working group deals with the problem that the balance between energy generation and energy demand must always be guaranteed in electrical energy supply networks.
    Leader: Dr.-Ing. Ralf Benger

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