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The Institute of Electrical Power Engineering (IEE) represents at TU Clausthal basic training of Electrical Engineering for engineering and some other disciplines such as industrial engineering, technical computer science, Technical Mathematics and Physical Technologies.

In the specialized training that builds on this, knowledge about the handling of electrical energy from its generation to its distribution up to its efficient application in various machine and process engineering processes is imparted. This includes, in particular, the increasingly important topic of "regenerative electrical energy technology", which deals with electricity generation from renewable sources (wind, water, sun, biomass, ...) and their efficient integration into the supply structures. The entire subject area requires a great variety of courses with keywords such as:

  • Theory of electromagnetic fields
  • Energy System Technology
  • Electrical Power Engineering
  • Special problems of electrical machines
  • Control of electric drives
  • power electronics
  • Electric power generation and distribution
  • Autonomous networks
  • Regenerative electrical energy technology
  • Hydrogen Technology
  • Performance Mechatronic Systems
  • Fossil and regenerative energy resources
  • Dynamic systems in nature, technology and society
  • Regenerative energy sources
  • Optimization and maintenance of electrical energy systems
  • Battery systems
  • Electricity industry
  • Basic industry and energy transition

In addition to the lectures, lecture-specific internships are also offered for in-depth training in the respective lecture contents.

All topics are focused on the degree programs

  • Mechanical engineering with specialization in mechatronics and
  • Energy technologies and energy system technology

offered and belong here partly to the obligatory period. However, they are also used in further training courses at TU Clausthal.

The special field of study mechatronics is also offered at the TU Clausthal. Here, engineers are trained with specialist knowledge in mechanical engineering as well as in electrical energy technology. This meets today's requirements for a qualified engineering education with increasing interdisciplinary system competence.

The study program Power System Technologies (B.Sc.) and Power System Engineering (M. Sc.) aims for an interdisciplinary, cross-system training approach for the field of energy supply. The target group are graduates who want to meet the high demands in the field of resource-conserving, environmentally compatible and efficient energy processes (generation, transport, storage, conversion, application). The electrical energy naturally affects a substantial part of these complex energy systems and is accordingly considered in the curriculum.


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