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Decentralised energy systems

Research areas and projects

The department of decentralized energy systems researched the future requirements of electrical energy supply systems and the resulting potentials. The focus is on the increasing decentralized feed-in of electrical energy from renewable sources (wind, solar, hydro) and from combined heat and power units (CHP). At the same time, changing economic conditions resulting from the increasing share of renewables are being researched.

Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) plant Huntorf

  • Analysis of the Compressed Air Energy Storage plant in Huntorf, Lower Saxony, regarding increased efficency and flexibility
  • Investigation of plant variations (heat storage, electrolysis, hydrogen combustion) with the aim of enabling CO2-free operation with simultaneous high plant efficiency
  • Macroscopic view of the regional energy system with the storage power plant as a network-relevant core component
  • Further Information at (in German)

Reforming of the design of electrical networf tariffs

  • Regional distribution disparities lead to the necessity of adjusting the current system of cost allocation
  • On the basis of load flows different procedures are analysed to reform the existing system
  • Review of the procedures using real data

Grid connection of fast charging stations

  • Investigation of the impact on the grid and the local implementation of nationwide fast charging stations
  • Use of a battery storage system as an alternative to grid expansion
  • Charging electrical vehicles with purely regenerative energy by coupling the battery storage system to a local wind farm
  • The implementation of a DC island grid is also being researched

Wind and solar powered residential areas containing heat pumps

  • Determination of requirements for electrical distribution grids with high penetration of heat pumps and photovoltaic
  • Investigation of achievable coverage of heat and electricity demand by renewable energies in the residential area
  • Consideration of thermal and electrical storage to avoid electricity bottlenecks
  • Further information at (in German)

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