Please note that the exam for Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering I / II is in German!


The registration for the exams is done via the registration system of the examination office. The general deadlines for exam registration apply.

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Exam date and times summer semester 2019

Exam date is Saturday, 28.09.2019.

exam variantstartduration
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering I / II9 o'clock240 Min.
Electrical Engineering for Engineers I / II9 o'clock180 Min.
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Structure of the Exams

The exams consist of short comprehension questions and arithmetic tasks. The topics of the exam questions are based on the contents of the accompanying lecture / course.

Exam variantshort questionsarithmetic tasks
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering I / II2 x 18p.6 x 22p.
Electrical Engineering for Engineers I / II2 x 18p.6 x 15p.
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Aids for the exam

Allowed are the following Aids:

  • Pens (no pencil, no red), ruler and set square
  • Calculator (not programmable)
  • Formula list:

    • one DIN A4 sheet double-sided handwritten
    • Write down your name and matriculation number at the top right
    • no tasks / sample solutions
    • Recommendations: Constants (including units), common integrals, geometric and trigonometric basic equations, notes on the complex calculation, ...
    • The formula list must be submitted with the exam!

Further aids are not permitted. In particular, the use of mobile phones, smartphones or similar lead to exclusion.

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Contact person

Steven Reineke, M.Sc.

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Nils Kreth, M.Sc.
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