oral exams

  • For oral exams, you must first register for the respective exam in the online exam portal (study portal). Please note the registration period of two weeks.
  • Then arrange an examination date with the institute. To do this, send an e-mail to pruefungstermin@iee.tu-clausthal.de, stating your personal data (name, matriculation number, degree program) and the examination dates (examiner, examination day, course). You will receive confirmation of your registration within a few days.
  • Finally, the missing data from the oral examination must be reported to the examination office. Please send your personal and examination-related data (name, matriculation number, desired degree, course of study, examination, examination number and examiner as well as the date of the examination) by e-mail to your clerk at the examinations office.
  • One week before the exam, you will be informed of the exam time by e-mail.

Please note that you can only be examined if you have registered correctly and completely.
For organizational reasons, exam dates that have been assigned will not be rescheduled.