Geographical position

of Clausthal University of Technology

The Clausthal University of Technology is located in the small Town Clausthal-Zellerfeld in the middle of the former "west part" of the Harz Mountains (geographical position N 51° 48', E 10° 20'), about 600 m of altitude, surrounded by dark green coniferous forest and over 60 lakes of the "Oberharzer Wasserregal". Clausthal-Zellerfelds population is about 15.500 people, therefrom about 4.000 students and belongs to the "Landkreis Goslar" in Lower Saxony. Clausthal-Zellerfeld is based in "Berg- und Universitätsstadt Clausthal-Zellerfeld" (till 2014 Samtgemeinde Oberharz) was founded in 1924 by the merger of the two cities of Clausthal and Zellerfeld. The depression between the two districts marks a natural and felt by the locals "borderline".